The Hogwarts Cafe, a Harry Potter-themed restaurant, just opened in Islamabad, Pakistan today, and holy hell.

The decor resembles the Great Hall, and there are plenty of references all around the place, from spell names to a deck of cards with characters and magical objects pinned to the wall.

And there are portraits on the wall as well. Unfortunately, they don’t move.

There’s plenty of reading material for those who want to get more acquainted with the Rowling universe.

Even on the walls.

Or you can just take a book to your table, and enjoy a magical journey with your meal. Also, look at the small Harry and Sorting Hat.

In fact, there are small figurines on almost every table.

And each table has its own symbolism attached.

There are also tons of merchandise you can buy while there. From Time-Turners to Snitches to mugs and memorabilia.

So what the hell are you waiting for? Start booking this place for parties already.




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