The Witcher has always shown the characters surrounding Geralt as incredibly memorable and equally powerful. One of them is Yennefer. She is an incredibly powerful Sorceress who can do things that even Geralt can’t do.

1. She Can Teach Magic To Others

Geralt is a Witcher first, magic-user second. His combat skills are what he trains the most, and the signs, while useful, are basically second nature to him at this point and don’t require training. As such, he doesn’t exactly need to know the fundamentals of magic and he sure wouldn’t be qualified to teach it to anybody else.

This is a bit inconvenient since Cirilla has magic power beyond belief, so much so that it’s difficult for her to control. This is where Yennefer comes in, another magic-user who allows her emotions to contribute to her spellcasting, making her likely the most qualified person in the realm to teach Ciri control.



2. She Can Get Anywhere With Ease


One thing that is a constant problem in a setting without cellphones is information gathering. How do you tell a king his country is about to be attacked if it takes a month on horseback to get to them?

Well, Sorceresses get to circumvent this issue with handy-dandy portals. Making these things is one step beyond what Geralt is capable of, and even if the Wolf of Rivia could make them, he wouldn’t since they give him motion sickness. We can see how useful they can be in the Netflix adaptation where Yennefer jumps through a series of them all to get away from an Assassin after Queen Kalis.



3. She Performs Real Magic

Yennefer is a Sorceress. Witchers can use a bit of magic thanks to the signs, yes, but only the most basic of basic spells and most Sorceresses simply scoff whenever they see it performed. No, Yennefer can pull from Chaos itself to perform her spells and they all require a much higher degree of education, preparation, and training in order to perform feats exponentially greater than a simple Quen or Yrden.

Yennefer is one of the most powerful Sorceresses in the series, and the depths of her Magic abilities are still largely unknown to the audience.


4. Play The Political Game

Whether you played The Witcher 3 or watched the Netflix show, it was obvious from the first second that Geralt is not the type that would serve a king or queen in a traditional manner. He’s just really bad at showing respect if he doesn’t want to. In the show he mouths off to Queen Calanthe almost immediately. In the third game, the first chapter after the tutorial has you acting up to Niflgaard’s King, Emhyr var Emreis.

Geralt is stubborn and doesn’t really adapt his attitude or personality to the situation. Yennefer does because that’s what Aretuza taught her to do.



5. Name Her Horse Anything Other Than Roach

Geralt is known for doing this with every horse he owns, naming each and every one of them “Roach.” It’s a cute but admittedly weird little gimmick since he rides so many different steeds due to his profession. In the games, Geralt usually just has the same horse throughout, but in the other source materials, he switches quite often.

Then again, so does Yennefer, but she never really makes it a point to get attached to any of her mounts. Seems easier to not even name them right? So why does Geralt do it and draw attention to it so often?