Netflix ‘The Witcher’ has delivered monsters, laughs, tears and magic in equal measure. Boasting a cast led by Superman‘s Henry Cavill, the show has brought many of the characters of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels to life on the small screen.

We have gathered 5 Amazing Facts About the Shows Cast:

 1. Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Stars Henry Cavill (Geralt) did their own stunts

By now, it’s a well known fact that star Henry Cavill had no stunt doubles in The Witcher‘s first season. This is surprising because the monster hunter Geralt of Rivia has many fight scenes throughout the season. “You will be seeing a lot of fighting, which means that you are seeing a lot of Henry,” the showrunner said. “So Henry did not have a stunt double. He does all of his own work. Any time you see him, it’s really him. Which means that he trained non-stop. Always had swords in his hand. Was always sort of in the training room with his team.”

When asked about this himself, Cavill explained his decision to take over all stunts. “It’s very important to me that, when you see Geralt on screen, that you know it’s Geralt. And that it’s not ‘some guy’ that can do the Geralt stuff and I’m just the actor. For me, the character involves all of that.”

Henry Cavill wasn’t the only star who did his own stunts during The Witcher‘s filming. Anya Chalotra, who plays leading lady Yennefer of Vengerberg, did most of her own stunts as well. “I did my own stunts [too]. There was [only] one I didn’t have time to do but I really wanted to… I can’t say what it is. But I loved it. It was very physically demanding.”


2. Most of Geralt’s Dialogue was cut

Originally when Lauren Schmidt was writing the script, Geralt had much more dialogue. Henry Cavill shot all the scripted scenes but in the editing room, she found that he was capable of conveying much of the content of his lines with facial expressions and body language.

When all was said and done, over half of his dialogue was cut, turning him into the hulking brooder that we see on screen. Much of what Geralt is going through can be seen in Cavill’s performance, leaving the chattier banter to Jaskier or Yennefer. Cavill did work on giving Geralt a particular “Rivian” accent that was memorable.


3. Freya Allan (Ciri) was originally cast in another role

Freya Allan is a relative newcomer to the filming industry, but that didn’t stop Netflix from casting her in the role of the Lioncub of Cintra, Princess Ciri. In the books, Ciri eventually becomes the story’s central character (perhaps even more so than Geralt), with the entire narrative revolving around her destiny. Unsurprisingly, the casting of Ciri was very challenging for the team behind The Witcher, and Freya Allan was actually first cast in an entirely different role: the first episode’s Marilka, the daughter of the alderman of Blaviken.

Showrunner Lauren Hissrich explained how Freya’s role was reconsidered: “Freya, actually, we had cast her as another character in the first episode, and she was signed, sealed and done for that. I couldn’t find a Ciri that I loved. Sophie Holland, our casting director, actually called me and said, ‘I’d love [for] you to think about Freya Allan for this.’ So I flew over to London, and we cast Freya that day.”

Allan herself was already signed to play a minor role in the first episode when she was recalled for another audition, this time for a series lead. “I found out I got the role a day before my birthday […] I got Blood of Elves and read it in two days. It’s the only book I’ve read [so far]. From the book, I understood the essence of Ciri, her stubbornness and how fun that would be to play.”


4. Jaskier actor Joey Batey is also a singer-comedian and knows how to play the lute

As in the books, Jaskier is a womanizing troubadour and famous poet who follows Geralt around in his adventures. Jaskier serves as a foil to the more reserved, introverted Geralt and their relationship produces some of the series funniest scenes. In the Netflix adaption, actor Joey Batey was selected for this role, and fans fell in love with his portrayal immediately.

Batey shares many qualities with his on-screen role. Firstly, the actor happens to be one of two singers of the indie British folk band The Amazing Devil. Batey has also learned to play the lute, Jaskier’s instrument of choice, long before he was cast in the role. Other than singing and acting, Batey has experience in stand-up comedy.

Speaking of Jaskier’s role in the story and his relationship with Cavill’s Geralt, this is what the showrunner had to say: “It was about the best way to include Jaskier in the stories, and that, in my opinion, is being a foil to Geralt. Their scenes together are amazing. Jaskier drives Geralt a little bit crazy, but also he’s a little bit of a truth-teller to Geralt, and he’s able to get in. You know, I always talk about that soft squishy place inside Geralt that he wants to keep it all in, and Jaskier basically points at it. He’s like a five-year-old, and digs in and sort of just basically pokes at him. So it’s a lot of fun.”

5. Cavill Campaigned For The Part Of Geralt And Lost

Henry Cavill has always been a big fan of The Witcher books and games, and when he found out Netflix was developing a series, he dedicated himself to being given a part. He tried out for Geralt of Rivia but wasn’t selected, forcing them to call over 200 other actors to audition.

Show-runner Lauren Schmidt says she couldn’t stop hearing his voice in her head and ultimately went back and asked Cavill to read some of the series’ script again. He did so and impressed her so much that she could no longer see anyone else in the role.